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Video Poker Rules and Strategy

Video poker is a game that is always placed in the same category as slot machines. Although the two games do share a similar type of machine that they are played o, the games are very different.

In Video Poker you are in charge of your cards, what you keep what you throw away, and what you choose to play. This interaction keeps people coming back again and again, and winning more then ever.

Video Poker Rules

Video Poker game rules vary from machine to machine with the bonuses, features and other game features, but they all have the same basic idea behind poker play.

You have to place your bet and you are given five cards. You choose which of these cards that you want to keep, and which cards you want to discard. The dealer then gives you cards to replace any that you've decided to discard. from these final five cards, you have to make up the best hand that you can and you are paid out accordingly.

That's all there is to the rules of video poker. Of course, there is usually other features on video poker games such as extra hands, free games, and some even have progressive jackpots. Always make sure that you read the instructions to find out how to play to be eligible for these extra features.

Video Poker Strategy

  • Play one hand at a time - This way you get to make every decision for yourself, and not by the computer based on a "best option" table. This works sometimes, but the odds are always laid in the favor of the house.
  • Don't keep pairs less then Jacks - This mainly applies to games that are "Jacks Or better". In these game,s if you have a pair of 10's there's no point keeping them as the extra two cards that you'll pick up just might have some winning combination.
  • Read the rules! - As easy as this seems, there's not a lot of people that actually read the rules that are posted on the machines and don't know what the game rules are. When you know the rules, you know what you should, and shouldn't, be betting on.


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